Gaza, Israeli army: “Night of raids, 15 kilometers of Hamas tunnels hit”

Gaza City was repeatedly hit from North to South after Prime Minister Benjmanin Netanyahu announced that the military operation would continue. The city’s electricity grid was severely damaged and the homes of nine Hamas commanders across the Strip were hit. “The attacked houses were used as terrorist infrastructures and in some even weapons depots were found,” the army said.

“As part of the attack, some 35 terrorist targets were targeted over a period of approximately 20 minutes,” a military statement said. According to the Israeli armed forces, 54 fighter jets participated in the attack, dropping about 110 precision ammunition, destroying 15 kilometers of tunnels. “This attack was part of a large IDF operation to significantly damage the underground system of terrorist organizations in Gaza,” the army reported.

The appeal of the UN – UN Secretary General António Guterres warned that further fighting could plunge the region into an “irrepressible crisis” and begged for an immediate end to “absolutely frightening” violence. The UN also warned of fuel shortages in Gaza, which could lead to a loss of capacity in hospitals and other essential facilities. Lynn Hastings, UN deputy special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, told the BBC that she appealed to the Israeli authorities to allow the UN to deliver fuel and supplies.

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