Gaykrant survives arrest of editor-in-chief for sex offense NOW


Gay newspaper survives despite the arrest of editor-in-chief Hans P. for a sex offense.

“Of course there is a lot going on now,” writes Paul Hofman, who is now temporary editor-in-chief website. Either way we will continue Gay newspaper, which has become the largest LGBTI platform in the Netherlands in less than three years and is an icon in the rainbow community. “

Hofman says he is shocked by the news about the former editor-in-chief. “The question of how this was possible has been asked me since yesterday. But neither I nor my colleagues on our platform can answer that question. So let’s not speculate. But let’s put one thing first: as long as Hans’ fault as a suspect it has not been proven, we cannot and will not condemn him. “

Gay newspaper saw various employees leave due to the developments. Of the more than thirty men, about twenty remain. “The Gay newspaper is and remains the most important online platform for the Dutch LGBTI community, “says Rick van der Made, who forms the crisis team together with Hofman and Alfred Verhoeven, in The Parool. “It is a shame to throw away so much history. We continue because the newspaper deserves a second, or in this case a third chance.”

P. founded the renewed form of the Gay newspaper after the monthly magazine was declared bankrupt in 2013. He has also been editor-in-chief ever since.

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