Gaute Ormåsen: – Shared cryptic snippet:

Several recognized the voices of the masked artist duo Subwoolfer, who ran away with the victory in the Melodi Grand Prix with the song «Give That Wolf A Banana». Thus, it was the suit-clad, yellow wolves who represented the fatherland during this year’s Eurovision final in Turin.

Many were quick to point out the artist Gaute Ormåsen (39) as one of the yellow wolves.

Celebrity stylist Jan Thomas (55) has received good training in recognizing well-known singing voices as one of the detectives in «Maskorama», and is convinced that it is the “Love is more than infatuation” singer.

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Ormåsen himself denies it all.

On Wednesday, however, the songbird from Brummundal published a video clip on Instagram’s story function, with a suspicious text.

– Would never occur to me

“Children are so weird, dress up in costumes,” the artist writes.

CRYPTIC: Gaute Ormåsen shared cryptic video.  Photo: Screenshot from Instagram

CRYPTIC: Gaute Ormåsen shared cryptic video. Photo: Screenshot from Instagram
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When See and Hear strikes the thread, he is asked if the snippet is a hint that he himself has spent time in a costume lately.

– No. As I have said, it could never occur to me to put on a costume personally, but it is very fun that people, and especially children, offer themselves and have fun in costume, Ormåsen says with a laugh.

He can tell that several have perceived the Instagram story as cryptic.

– It is not to be underestimated that there has been a strong suspicion lately, but as I said, I still think it is Ylvis, he explains, and adds that he thinks it is funny that people think of him.

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– I think most people deep down understand that there must be someone who can dance.

– I must admit

Dagbladet’s reviewer Torgrim Øyre has previously said that the voice of one of the members of the duo has similarities with Gaute Ormåsen.

– Do you agree that the voice of one of the wolves is similar to yours?

– Yes, I must admit. But there are many who are good at practicing there. Have you heard Gustav Nilsen for example? He sounds just like both Morten Harket and Alf Prøysen when he tries.

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– So you suspect that one of the Ylvis brothers has practiced a Gaute Ormåsen imitation?

– Yes, but it could be Gustav Nilsen in fact.

Was confronted

There has also been speculation as to who the other half of the duo are, and Ben Adams (40) is a name that has recurred.

– I’ve heard the rumors, obviously – unfortunately not me, but, I kind of wish it was…, Adams replied cryptically when he was confronted with the rumors earlier this year.

Like Ormåsen, artist Kari Gjærum (69) also holds a button on the Ylvis brothers.

– There are good singers, good at moving. The height difference is crucial. The interview was in Eastern Norwegian, but some are very good at getting it – not least Ylvis, she has previously stated to Dagbladet.

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One of the Ylvis brothers’ best friends, Frode Vassel (41), participated as an MGP participant this year, and also reached the final. Bård Ylvisåker initially did not want to comment on the case, but told Dagbladet that he wished Vassel all the best in the singing competition.

– If we are involved, we do not have such great ambitions. Then I hope we do so badly that he beats us, said Ylvisåker to Dagbladet at the time.

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