Gathering lust, crushing erotic 14, fighting, escaping, being mobbed – sent The police claimed the children had consented

March 4, 2021, 2:33 a.m.

Arrested nasty, molested, Miss 14, fought to escape, was mobbed – arrested and sent to the police. Still stubborn, claiming the child consented The victim revealed to sit and wait for his girlfriend. Abused, locked neck – crushing erotic The good Samaritan warns that he should not come alone.

At 21.00 on March 3, 64 Pol. Lt. Col. Mongkolsirivech, Deputy Police Station (Investigation) Saensuk Police Station and Police Lieutenant Colonel Somboon Boonchansuree, Deputy Inspector for the Suppression of Saensuk Police Station Receiving reports of child rape At the red building area Or the Chaloem Phra Kiat Museum, Chonburi, Ang Sila Sub-district, Muang District, Chonburi Province, where the accused was detained by a good citizen. Therefore went to investigate

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The crime scene was found Mr. Kiat Narong Rom Buddhism, age 39, a professional fishing contractor Detained In a bruised body From the initial inquiry, know that while Miss A (name has been changed), 14 years old, came to sit and wait for his boyfriend. Sitting area on the seashore Chalermprakiat Museum Chonburi appears that Mr. Kiat Narong. Traveled past and saw him After that he used the force to lock the throat. And rape and masturbate to one time, which later Miss A had escaped. By riding a motorcycle to ask for help The good citizen traveled to the scene of the accident and met Mr. Kiat Narong, with Ms A confirming that he was the real rapist. The good Samaritan tried to arrest him. And a battle arose. The good citizens then gathered together in the crowd until they were in custody. And informed the police to bring him to prosecution, with Mr. Kiat Narong claiming that the young woman made an offer

The good Samaritan said that Lady A had been riding a motorcycle to ask for help that he had been violated. They have about 7-8 people to help and arrest the perpetrator. Which the perpetrators tried to escape, so they fought up from the inquiry, MD A knew that he was going to wait for his girlfriend. Should not wait for anyone in the dark or the lonely place. Should be accompanied by an adult

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