gasp when you see the daughters of the beauty Vera Glagoleva (photo)

Star heirs have adjusted their lives.

Vera Glagoleva gave her first husband, director Rodion Nakhapetov, two daughters, Anna and Maria. The star heirs are incredibly close to each other and to their father and try to see each other as often as possible.

Not so long ago, Anna pleased Internet users with a family photo, which is captured with her parent and beloved younger sister. Seeing the daughters of the late Glagoleva, many were speechless. The heirs of the artist grew up to be real beauties, while they do not look like either mom or dad.

By the way, the eldest daughter of the actress followed in her footsteps: Anna plays in the movies and appears on the theater stage. She also got married – in a marriage with Yegor Simachev, the artist gave birth to a daughter, Polina. Subsequently, she divorced her husband and now lives with the heiress.

Maria successfully completed her studies at the art department of VGIK, after which she took up computer graphics. She also had to go through a divorce, but in 2007 Nakhapetova remarried and gave birth to her husband, a businessman, two sons.

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