Gasoline Selling price Cost savings Calculator: If you want to help you save when you fill up with gasoline or diesel, go abroad

These who stop by the completely wrong petrol station pay back an additional 10 cents per liter of gasoline. This is demonstrated by a present rate comparison that the “Handelzeitung” carried out previous Friday at all over thirty petrol stations in the regions of Basel and Zurich.

The Ecostop petrol station in Basel sold petrol (95 octane) for 2.08 francs, when at the Avia on Lettenholzstrasse in Zurich it price tag 2.19 francs at the same time and at the Post support station at the Basel SBB station it also price 2.22 francs. . The cost variations for diesel are even better: the lowest priced gasoline station in the test billed 2.08 francs, whilst diesel value 2.39 at the most costly.

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