“Gasly can forget about Red Bull comeback by arguing with the wrong people”

Nico Rosberg lashed out at Alexander Albon several times during the Grand Prix of the Eifel. According to the former world champion, Max Verstappen’s teammate was way too slow in Germany: “Albon was so incredibly slow in Germany, it was not normal. If he continues like this, he will definitely lose his seat at Red Bull. If I do it for it. would say at Red Bull I would go for Pierre Gasly next year. He has developed very well and is performing great at AlphaTauri, “Rosberg told Sky Sports UK.

Despite the fact that former Formula 1 driver Paul di Resta could agree with Rosberg’s words, he let the German know that in his eyes Gasly has less chance of a seat at Red Bull in 2021. “Red Bull really needs a lot more of it. Albon then that he now gives. Look at the gap that they have on Mercedes, that is really not normal. You see that Max is performing in the RB16 so it cannot be the car “, Paul di Resta concludes by the words of Rosberg. “My sources tell me, however, that Gasly has angered the wrong people, making a return to Red Bull nearly impossible.”

That statement made Rosberg curious, of course, although di Resta logically did not answer the German’s question whether he could name some names. “I cannot say more about Gasly’s situation at Red Bull, only that a return seems impossible. However, based on his qualities, I would also choose Pierre, but it does not seem to be the case. If I, incidentally, Red Bull this year, I would have started working at the start of the season to get Daniel Ricciardo back into the team. He is now switching to McLaren, but he would have been a perfect fit for Red Bull too, “he said. Resta, who also sees Perez as a candidate for the second Red Bull seat in 2021.

“He is an excellent driver and also has a good relationship with Max, so I think he would have been the ideal teammate for Verstappen in that respect. Sergio Perez would of course also be an option, since at least there is from the Red Bull junior training. no one is going to move on. “


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