‘Gaslighting’ that Lee Seung-gi underwent… Chosen as word of the year

The movie ‘Gaslight’. Photo|Wave

“Gaslighting” was selected as “Word of the Year 2022” by Miriam Webster, a famous American dictionary publisher.

On the 28th (local time), the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Miriam Webster chose “gaslighting” as word of the year. This is a selection result based on statistical data on the number of English word searches.

“Gaslighting,” which frequently appears in recent social news, refers to the act of reinforcing control over others by cleverly manipulating the psychology or situation of others to make them doubt themselves.

It comes from the 1938 comedy “Gas Light”. You celebrated the 1948 film of the same name with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. It is a masterpiece thriller with a breathtaking plot in which the husband, Gregory, drives his wife, Paula, into a psycho by lying that the gas lamp is not dark.

Since then, gaslighting has been used to enforce dominance by manipulating the psychology of others.

Recently, singer and actor Lee Seung-gi sent a proof of content to his agency Hook Entertainment (CEO Jin-young Kwon), with whom he has been working for 18 years since his debut, claiming that he has not received a single penny of compensation . for music revenue so far, and urged him to disclose details transparently

In particular, it was claimed that Lee Seung-gi, who has an intelligent image, was “gassed” on the background that he could not know. Lee Seung-gi revealed through his legal representative, “Lee Seung-gi requested the details of the deal several times, but Hook Entertainment gave various false excuses such as ‘You are a negative singer’ and avoided providing the details.” , and virtually recognized gas lighting. .

However, Miriam Webster explained that this year the meaning of ‘gaslighting’ has been extended to ‘acts of deception for profit’. Editor Peter Sokolowski now defines gaslighting as “a fancy word for lying” and explains that “the language originally receives a new life from its use by the public.”

In addition to gaslighting, interest in “Omicron”, a mutant virus of Corona 19 (novel coronavirus infection), has also increased.

“Pandemic” in 2020, when the Corona 19 incident occurred, and “vaccine” in 2021 were the words of the year.

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