Gas, the monthly rate is coming: how to get the bonus

After the surge in prices in recent months, the monthly rate is on its way. The goal is to keep prices down

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Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, i prices of petrol, light and gas I am increased, creating a fort unease to Italian families. Crazy increases which, fortunately, thanks to the intervention of the Government were blocked thanks to new ones agreements for the supply of gas with other nations. But new and interesting news are on the way in this field.

No quarterly gas bills since October

new gas price concessions
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In fact, since 1° ottobre i cittadini who are still on protected market they will have monthly and no longer quarterly bills. This way the bill will be counted taking the average price of the Italian wholesale market. The aim is clear: to calm prices and stem speculative effects and guarantee continuity of supplies.

According to the Arera, the Energy Authority, this new method will be in force until the end of the gas protection envisaged, to date, a January 2023. Yet the Authority’s request is that it aligns with the electricity forecast for January 2024. With this new update method, the value of the raw material component of the gas will be published on the Authority’s website at the beginning of the following month of the reference month.

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According to Stefano Besseghini, president of the Authority, the clear use of gas as a geopolitical lever during an ongoing war led to extraordinary interventions. Interventions necessary to ensure the consumer defense and security of supply. This mechanism will therefore make it possible not to transfer the costs of hedging risks to the consumer but to “on the other hand, immediately transfer the advantages deriving from any decisions, such as the gas price cap, which may be taken at European level“.

The new tariffs came into effect atbeginning of last month and gas prices on the protected market, thanks to the government’s intervention, have not registered any changes. Without the intervention of the State, in fact, the increases would have been, according to the calculations of the Authority, 45% more. Also according to the Arera, from last October to next September 30 a typical family, whose consumption is around 1,400 cubic meters per year, will spend around 1,700 euros. An increase of almost 71% compared to the previous year.

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These bonus social are intended to families in conditions of economic difficulty: that is, families whose level ISEE is up to 12 thousand euros. A significant increase, compared to the “just” € 8265 previous. But not only because also families with four dependent children and the ISEE does not exceed 20 thousand euros or earners of citizenship income or who have a member of the family in serious health conditions, requiring equipment electro-medical life-saving, they can request it. The discount for these categories will apply directly to the bill.

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