Gas Prices Rise Overnight to New Records in New York and New Jersey – NBC New York (47)

The price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline jumped 6 cents to 7 cents overnight in New York and New Jersey, leading both states to (once again) set new records.

Gasoline averaged $4,868 a gallon in New York on Wednesday morning, 6.3 cents higher than Tuesday, according to AAA. In New Jersey, the price of $4,728 was up 7.4 cents from the previous day.

In both states, those prices are all-time highs.

Nationwide, average prices rose “only” 4.4 cents overnight, meaning the increase is even worse here than in most of the country.

Drivers have already been told multiple times how bad things have gotten: In both New York and New Jersey, gas prices are up 5% in the last week and about 17% in the last month. .

To put that in context, consider this math:

  • The average New Jersey driver logs 12,263 miles a year, according to the Federal Highway Administration, and the average New York driver logs about 10,167 miles.
  • Cars these days average around 25.7 miles per gallon, according to the Department of Energy.
  • With those numbers, and compared to gas station prices just a month ago, fuel now costs an increased $326.38 a year in New Jersey and $270.59 in New York, just to keep the same car the same distance.

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