Gas prices in Munich: the Stadtwerke are in the dark | Regional

Munich – Only two weeks to go! Then officially begins the first warming period in the energy crisis.

The 1.5 million people in Munich would like to know how expensive winter will be for them. But municipal utilities are in the dark.

When asked by BILD how serious the increase in the price of gas was, the utilities could only give a general answer: “We cannot yet provide specific information on the price increase and when it happened”.

As soon as these decisions are made, customers will be notified.

► Since the gas price increase has to be announced six weeks in advance, SWM customers are still in the dark at least until November.

The fact is: utilities have already raised the price of gas by 61 percent this year, certainly not the end of the spiral.

Millions of gas customers across Germany have already received shock increases of up to eight times!

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