Gas Explosion at Beef Noodle Shop in Miaoli City Sends Three to Hospital with Severe Burns

2023/06/03 15:43

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Surrounding intersection monitors also recorded the current image of the gas explosion, and the huge fireball burst out of the door, the scene was horrifying. (Photographed by reporter Peng Jianli)

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[Reporter Peng Jianli/Miaoli Report]At 10:18, Tianyun Street in the downtown area of ​​Nanmiao City, Miaoli City exploded with anger. The scene was in a mess. Four people were injured and sent to the hospital. Three of them had extensive burns all over their bodies. Seriously. The police have cordoned off the scene for investigation, and surveillance cameras at surrounding intersections also recorded images of the gas explosion. A huge fireball burst out of the door, and the scene was horrifying.

The Fire Department of Miaoli County Government received the report at 10:18 this morning, and dispatched special search, Miaoli, Gongguan and other teams to rescue. Four people were injured at the scene of the gas explosion, three of whom suffered multiple burns all over their bodies and were seriously injured, and one person was cut on his foot by splashing debris.

After investigation by the police, the location of the gas explosion was a beef noodle shop on Tianyun Street, which was not in business at the time. The 3 seriously injured were three generations of a beef noodle shop owner. The grandmother, a 78-year-old woman surnamed Chen, suffered burns on 55% of her body. She was transferred to Taichung Children’s General Hospital; her granddaughter, a 33-year-old woman surnamed Xu, had burns on 55% of her body and was transferred to Linkou Chang Gung Hospital.

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The gas explosion also alarmed surrounding businesses and residents, who gathered to check, and said that the beef noodle shop where the gas explosion occurred had only been open for about half a month. The reason is yet to be clarified by firefighters.

The Miaoli Ping’an Station of the People’s Security Foundation is located directly across the street from the beef noodle shop. The station manager, Huang Lianjin, said that he left only 10 minutes before the gas explosion. Immediately, he received a call from a volunteer at the station and said to him in a trembling tone, “Station Master. I’m so angry!” He rushed back and saw that the beef noodle shop across the street was devastated as if it had been bombed, and the cooking counters of the shop were also sprayed into the arcade of Ping’an Station, which was shocking. The “Roasted Sweet Potato Mom” ​​at the Ping’an station was also cut by fragments on her ankle, but she was sent to the hospital for bandages and was fine.

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