Gary Neville “Man U is competing to win like this? Something strange…”

[골닷컴] Reporter Man-Sung Han = Gary Neville, commentator for’Sky Sports’, expressed his honest feelings about the fact that Manchester United (Man United), his home team, has joined the Premier League’s lead competition early this season.

On the 21st (Korean time), Manchester United won 6-2 in their home game in the 13th round of the 2020/21 English Premier League against Leeds United. After defeating rival Leeds, Manchester United rose to third place in the Premier League, scoring 26 points in 13 games this season. Currently, first and second place Liverpool and Leicester have played one more match than Manchester United. In other words, if Manchester United wins one remaining game, they will rise to second place in the league and close the gap with lead Liverpool by two points.

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However, Manchester United have been controversial since the beginning of this season. In particular, United were eliminated early in the group stage in the UEFA Champions League. However, United have been undefeated for seven consecutive games in the recent Premier League.

Neville left a short, thick word, saying, “I am surprised,” through’Sky Sports’ after Manchester United finished the Leeds match. “It’s bizarre that they’ve been up here now, given the state of Manchester United just a few weeks ago. Not long ago, it seemed that United had difficulties until Christmas. Recently, Manchester United have improved their performance, scored and scored,” he said. But it still feels like something is wrong.”

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Next, Neville added, “If you look at Manchester United, it doesn’t look like a team that can compete for the championship,” he added. “From my feelings, United doesn’t seem to be able to win this season. In some games, the performance was poor.”

Meanwhile, United are going on an expedition to Leicester City in the Boxing Day match that will be held on the 26th. If Manchester United wins that day’s game, they can play one less game than Leicester and rise to second place in the Premier League.



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