Garmin launches VENU SQ2, feature-rich, active lifestyle, 11-day battery life

  • garmin smart watch SEAT SQ2 There is also a function for monitoring women’s health (Tracking Women’s Health).monitor the menstrual cycle orpregnancy Record symptoms and learn more about exercise and nutrition via the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone or the Women’s Health Tracking app on your smartwatch.
  • Health Snapshot mode is an in-depth recording of health data such as heart rate altered heart beat (HRV) blood oxygen saturation respiratory rate And stress levels while sitting still for 2 minutes, users can easily view a health summary from both smartwatches. and the Garmin Connect application on smartphones

Get out and move

  • Not only equipped with health monitoring functions, the VENU SQ2 series also supports more than 25 built-in sports modes for indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling or tennis. Strength training, yoga, Pilates and HIIT, where users can choose a timer mode and configure various settings such as number of rounds, rest period between exercises, etc.
  • Also, if the VENU SQ2 series is matched to the application Garmin Connect users can also choose to download many additional training programs. or to design your own exercise program With over 1,600 workout templates to choose from. Whether it’s a runner who is physically preparing for a 5km, 10km or half marathon run, there can be a personal trainer to guide you. and get a free training plan Garmin trainer which can be adapted to the goal and running performance you want to train on your own.The VENU SQ2 series also includes step tracking. The minutes of intensity of the exercise (Intensity Minute) and the calories burned after exercise.

Garmin launches VENU SQ2, feature-rich, active lifestyle, 11-day battery life
Stay connected Never lose a connection.

No matter where, when or what activity.You will not lose any connection, just matching. SEAT SQ2 series with smartphones compatible with the whole system Android And iOS Can receive messages, emails, notifications from social media. and other content Anytime, anywhere from smart notifications on the watch face. SEAT SQ2 The series also includes security and monitoring features.3 to send help It also indicates the current position of the wearer to the emergency contacts as soon as the unexpected occurs. It increases the peace of mind of going out and doing the various activities at their best. The most special for Thai users is the Garmin x Rabbit service, a payment service with Garmin Pay.4 Contactless payment solution via Rabbit Card also at service providers with Rabbit Card welcome sign. For the special of VENU SQ2 – Music Edition, users can download music. Or your favorite playlist from a subscription streaming service, be it Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer, keep up to 500 songs offline just by plugging in your smartwatch. With wireless headphones, you can enjoy music without having to rely on your phone. and can also download additional applications Including various dial designs with Connect IQ Store of both smartwatch and smartphone applications

Garmin launches VENU SQ2, feature-rich, active lifestyle, 11-day battery life
The VENU SQ2 series is designed to suit every lifestyle, daily use. It can be combined with every outfit, every look and every occasion. With a modern rectangular design case, 1.4 inch size, touch screen system Sharp display with AMOLED screen The frame is made of lightweight aluminum. The strap is silicone, comfortable to wear. Available in a variety of colors, VENU SQ2 is available in 3 colors: Shadow Gray / Slate, White / Cream Gold and Fresh Mint / Mint Metallic, priced at 9,990 baht VENU SQ2 – Music Edition is also available in 3 colors, including the black. / ivory slate / peach gold and french gray / cream gold for 11,990 baht

SEAT SQ2 Both model series are available for Thais to own today at all Garmin official dealers. Follow more product information at Garmin Thailand Facebook Fan Page And Instagram Garmin Thailand

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