Garlic is Rich in Benefits for the Body, From Reducing Infections to Boosting Immunity

FOR SOME OF THE COMMUNITY, herbal ingredients are the choice to maintain a healthy body.

During the pandemic, herbal ingredients are also one of the options to increase endurance.

One of the natural ingredients that are said to have many benefits for the body is garlic.

Not only as a cooking spice in the kitchen, garlic seems to be rich in benefits that are good for the health of the body.

Herbal product owner Setya Natural Juice, Steven Cornelius Putra explained, garlic is able to boost the immune system.

Garlic is said to have many benefits for the body such as relieving infections, inflammation and colds, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease, and controlling blood pressure.

Menurut The National Center for Biotechnology Information dalam jurnal berjudul “The effects of allium sativum on immunity within the scope of Covid-19 infection”, allium sativum or garlic is a well-known food as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor.

Consumption of garlic can be one of the preventive measures against infection Covid-19, with its function of boosting the immune system, as well as suppressing the production and secretion of cytokine storms.

Because of these properties, garlic is the main ingredient in juice formulations which are processed by paying attention to the stability of the active substances in the ingredients and the formulation is carried out directly by Steven as a pharmacist.

“So to make garlic herbal products able to last up to months at room temperature, a sterilization process is needed,” said Steven.

The sterilization process is also useful in reducing the pungent smell of garlic and reducing uncomfortable sensations in the mouth, such as the smell and taste of garlic.

In addition to using garlic, Steven uses other natural herbs such as red ginger, forest honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon.

These ingredients are believed to help in maintaining a healthy body, as well as lowering blood fats and stomach acid.

“This herbal mixture has been consumed by my extended family for generations. And it turns out that the benefits are quite good for health. Finally, I tried to optimize the formula and how to make it for two to three years, and Satya Natural Juice was born,” said Steven.

“Our main focus is to provide the best variety of Indonesian herbal products. Satya Natural Juice is the first step in the development of other Satya herbal products. We hope that in the future Satya will become a one stop solution for herbal products that are beneficial for health,” said Steven.


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