Garfield: the animated film: Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Pratt already in the cast!

By Bob Laiponge

– Published on May 26, 2022 at 11:00

Garfield returns as an animated film! The most impertinent of cats will also benefit from a dream cast with Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Pratt.

Garfield is arguably one of the most famous cats in the world. Created in 1976, he is the hero of a comic strip. Published in various newspapers, his adventures know an impressive success. The recipe is simple: a few drawing boxes and a punchy humour. With sometimes minimalist dialogues, Garfield speaks to a very large audience and will even conquer foreign countries. It is published in many media around the world. The development of derivative products, using the unique visual of Garfield, has also become an impressive market. It was in 2004 that the feline arrived in the cinema thanks to the use of synthetic images. Despite the low success of the film, it was still followed by Garfield 2 in 2006. A new film, entirely animated this time, is in preparation.

Garfield continues to be a very popular character. The public’s general affection for cats and Garfield’s sassy attitudes, largely contributed to its success. The orange furry animal is a real star. It is also one of the very few comic book characters that can be found in very different countries. His relentless humor transcends language differences. For this new animated film, the information is still kept secret. However, we know that two great actors will lend their voices to two key characters. Thus, Garfield himself will be played by Chris Pratt. The star actor of Guardians of the Galaxy should fit perfectly into the role of the cat fan of lasagna and sour turns!

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Garfield has the potential to conquer an even larger audience!

Garfield will also benefit from the experience of another renowned actor. This is Samuel L. Jackson who takes on the role of Jon, the cat’s indolent master. With an impressive filmography, Samuel L. Jackson seems to be at home everywhere! We can easily imagine that he will bring a unique touch to his character. His name on the poster is also the guarantee of increased visibility. Garfield will not be his first attempt in terms of animation. He had already participated in Incredibles or Turbo. We will have to wait a bit to find out more. We can be reassured knowing that the creator of Garfield will be closely associated. We therefore hope to find everything that made the success of the comic strip in this new film. Garfield deserves this!

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