Garden America: Merchants refuse the ring road on Route 12

Thursday 6 October 2022 | 6:04

Jardín América is a city that grows year after year in infrastructure and population, aided by being a municipality crossed by the National Route 12, which brings with it great benefits in tourism, economy and commerce, among other aspects.

In this context, the project for the urban crossing of Strada Nazionale 12 would, in principle, imply providing it with urban features without changing the traffic pattern, as well as positioning better signage, creating traffic dividers, doubling lanes and installing traffic lights.

In this line, the possible construction in the future of a ring road or ring road that modifies the current route, with the aim of speeding up the circulation of the route, generates controversy among traders, who believe that this would lead to loss of income, because travelers would circle the city to continue their journey.

“Our city grew with Route 12, our businesses thrive with the route, and tourists know our city when they pass by. We cannot give up the path ”, assured the local mayor, Oscar Kornoski.

On Tuesday, the municipal chief received members of the city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, led by its president, Horacio Dosso, in his office. Those attending the conference expressed concern about the future should the construction of the bypass be completed.

Kornoski, for his part, explained that he will carry out all the actions necessary to carry out the urban crossing in Jardín América, but not the ring road. He said it is an issue that should not be politicized, as there are merchants who have their premises near Route 12 and this in turn is a constant circulation highway for tourists to reach the Saltos entrance road. of Tabay.

Meanwhile, Dosso argued that the ring road could not only affect the local economy, but that by passing the national artery in another direction, motorists would not have noticed that they are passing through Jardín América. This itinerary is a fundamental step to get to know the town or for those who travel to stop for a while to buy something or to stay.

The urban intersection is a project already exhibited in the auditorium of the Cooperativa de Servicios Públicos last month and is expected to start in late November or early December.

Among the issues to be taken into account in the future, such as the possible construction of a ring road, Dosso underlined the theme of ecology, “since vehicular traffic must be moved from one place to another, a large amount of trees, not damaging only natural beauty, but also the animals that live in the jungle.

After the debate held by the mayor and the members of the Chamber of Commerce, addressed to the local and provincial press, they commented that they will coordinate a day and a physical space so that all the neighbors who want to participate can learn more about the subject and in If they have to collect signatures so that the bypass is not carried out, they will adopt this measure.

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