‘Gap between William and Harry does not arise thanks to Meghan’

According to Lacey, advisor on the Netflix series The Crown, the princes have drifted apart in recent years. “Both brothers have been damaged by their upbringing; both have responded with different solutions,” he writes in Battle of Brothers: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult. “There is so much pain and trauma that goes all the way back to the beginning.”

Where it is often whispered that Meghan has come between the brothers, it is different according to Lacey. The princes were raised “to be close and protective of one another.” Tensions grew when William was being prepared at a young age for his upcoming succession to the throne and Harry was not assigned a specific role. “Fundamental to the whole story is the fight between love versus duty.”

The historian fears a “tragedy” if the princes cannot make amends. Especially now that Harry has lived in America since his step back in the British royal family. “It is comparable to the abdication of Edward VII in 1936 and the death of Princess Diana in 1997,” he explains. “It’s just that big and it’s a challenge that hasn’t been resolved yet.”

Source: ANP

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