Gao Han’s new drama “Chong Zi” premiered, the fairy and demon switching styles are too amazing_ID_Demon Venerable_White Clothes

Original title: Gao Han’s new drama “Chong Zi” premiered, the fairy and demon switching styles are too amazing

On February 15th, the ancient costume fairy tale drama “Chong Zi” starring Yang Chaoyue, Xu Zhengxi, Gao Han and others was officially launched, and it ushered in a super high popularity on the day of its premiere. .

Gao Han plays a mysterious character with dual identities in the play, one is the gentle fairy official Chu Bufu, and the other is the demon king Wanjie. Long before the show was broadcast, many viewers were attracted by Gao Han’s reversed look in the stills and expressed their great anticipation.

The shape of the alpine fairy is too amazing, the complex identity is mysterious

“Chong Zi” is a fairy puppet drama set in the Three Realms. With love as the main line, it tells a love story about the battle between good and evil, gods and demons, as well as beauty and sadism.

In the original work written by Shu Ke, the master and apprentice turn against each other, and then protect each other, and finally self-sacrifice and save the common people. It combines a variety of pain point elements of fairy dramas, and the expectation value is raised. The soaring, only increasing, not decreasing.

Chu Bufu, played by Gao Han, is an upper-world deity. When he first appeared on the stage, he toasted with Luo Yinfan, with extremely elegant posture, and then rescued Chong Zi when he was being bullied. The white clothes fluttered, his eyebrows were like stars and moons, it was like a ray of light, pulling Chong Zi out of the mire, and he became the “brother in white clothes” that Chong Zi would never forget in his heart.

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However, a big reversal was soon ushered in. Xianmen informed Chu Bufu to betray his master and become a demon, becoming the Demon Lord in the Land of Myriad Tribulations. From positive to negative in an instant, Wanjie’s temperament has changed drastically after being enchanted, cruel and violent, completely without the gentleness and beauty of the fairy brother Chu Bufu, and his appearance has also changed from a pure to simple white dress. The black robe with complicated and exquisite patterns, even the eye makeup is blackened, exuding a sense of desolation, and the strong contrast has amazed and even amazed many audiences.

Three princes and princes dream linkage “Xing Han” fan double chef ecstasy

One of the highlights on the day of the premiere was the interaction between Dead Moon played by Wang Zhuocheng and Wanjie in the Land of Myriad Tribulations.

The rivalry and dialogue between the two demon kings made many fans of the TV series “Bright Stars” feel like traveling through time and space. Because Wang Zhuocheng once played the prince in “The Brilliant Stars”, and Gao Han happened to be the actor who played the third prince.

The two popular drama actors collaborated again in “Cheavy Purple” this time, and their role identities are still of the same family. It can be seen that the fate is so wonderful. fans were blown away. Immediately, the Internet was filled with all kinds of derivative materials passionately created by fans, which only increased the popularity of the TV series.

In the premiere episode, although Chu Bufu has turned black into a myriad of calamities, his bond with Chong Zi has not diminished at all, but has become more deeply connected. Even though he seemed to show no mercy to Chong Zi, his heart softened when he was about to strike ruthlessly, because the remaining memory of Chu Bufu in his body would not allow him to do anything that would hurt Chong Zi.

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Many viewers also expressed that they feel that Wanjie and Chongzi also have a sense of CP, so they are looking forward to the following plot!Return to Sohu to see more


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