Gangneung Shopping Mall, Incheon Port Warehouse Big Fire, Passengers Trapped in Elevator

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Amidst the cold and dry weather, fires and freeze accidents followed one after another across the country.

A large fire broke out in a shopping mall in Gangneung, Gangwon-do and a warehouse in Incheon Port, and customers were trapped in an elevator at a large foreign furniture store due to a suspected freezing accident.

This is Reporter Cha Hyun-jin.

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Red flames engulf the entire building.

Early this morning, a fire broke out in a one-story commercial building in Gangneung, Gangwon-do.


“(The building) in front of it has already been burned down, and as it goes to the back, even the two-story building is now burning up.”

The fire quickly spread to a nearby store and 50 residents were evacuated.

The fire was extinguished in 3 hours after 27 fire engines and 60 firefighters were put in, but 8 stores and 1 house were burned down.


A wharf in Incheon.

Black smoke billows high into the sky behind the docked freighter.

At around 3:30 pm today, a fire broke out in a livestock feed warehouse in Yeonan Pier, and the fire was extinguished in about two hours.


“A passer-by said there was black smoke coming from around the warehouse, so we immediately dispatched.”

The warehouse had a total floor area of ​​4,500 square meters and stored about 2,000 tons of livestock feed, and the fire authorities will investigate the exact cause of the fire as soon as the fire is completely extinguished.


This is an underground parking lot for a large foreign furniture store.

A thick stream of water continuously poured from the ceiling, and the entrance to the store turned into a puddle.

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“It was pouring down so much that the water was pooling on the floor below as if it were flowing from the height of two or three floors.”

As water leaked from the ceiling and spread throughout the store, the elevator stopped, and nine passengers were isolated and rescued by firefighters who arrived.

The fire department is investigating the exact cause of the accident, assuming that the water supply may have exploded due to freezing, according to an eyewitness who said that water started pouring around the sprinkler.

This is MBC News Cha Hyun-jin.

Video editing: Park Hye-rin / Video courtesy: Gangneung Fire Station, Kang Young-ju, Kim Wan-seok, Seo Ji-hye

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