Gang of murderers convicted of robbery

A gang of 11 people was convicted of murder, robbery and theft, but not of the loss of life. However, the convictions show one for the robbery of over BGN 215,000 from a bank branch. It happened in April 2012.

Kickboxer Martin Antov and Vladimir Yanev-Vallo Boretsa were sentenced as gang leaders. It was founded in 2006 and its members are Valeri Alexandrov-Dabata, Ivan Iliev-Vanko Volueshki, Hristo Hristov-Bordezhoto, Nikolay Stoykov-Kufara, Dimitar Georgiev-Mitko Gornobanskiy, Zhecho Belyasin, Peyo Karamihov and Tsvetomil Petrov-Mactka. Antov and Boretsa gave them orders for the crimes and shared the spoils, the prosecution shows.

In 2012, the robbery of a bank branch in Akademik Boris Stefanov street in Sofia was carried out. To this end, Emil Milev-Krokodila was also included in the group. The man agreed and even suggested that he and Antov go to the bank on a dirt bike so that they could escape more easily. The former kickboxer procured the weapons for the robbery, the prosecution said. However, the verdict shows that only Milev was convicted of the robbery, which he committed with “an unidentified person in the case”.

Having had everything they needed, on April 5 around 9:25 am the two flew to the bank – minutes after the collection had delivered nearly BGN 220,000 Krokodila aimed the gun at the people in the office and his unknown comrade knocked down security guard Tsvetomir with a blow Gorchev to the ground. He threatened him with a gun and forced him into the manager’s office along with two other bank employees. Soon after, the two pointed their guns at the office’s chief cashier, Anna Fileva.

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The masked stranger jumped over the counter, took BGN 215,000 in black jackets and he and Milev exploded. The bank employees pressed the panic button at 9.28 am and a minute later a team of security guards were on the scene, but the two robbers were already gone.

Milev was sentenced to 17 years in the case. Here is what Vallo Borezza received. Antov was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

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