Gang Headquarters Raid, Haitian Police In Disorder, 4 Officers Killed Page all

PORT-AU-PRINCE, – Police Haiti raid a headquarters geng in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, on Friday (12/3/2021).

However, the gang fought back and instead created Police messy. Four policemen were reported killed as a result of the incident.

A total of eight police officers were injured with three of them still being treated in hospital until Saturday (13/3/2021).

Haitian National Police Director Leon Charles expressed his sympathy for the victims’ families as well as those who support the police.

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Charles added that the police have not found the bodies of the four policemen who died in the raid.

He reported, voice gun automatically filled the air during raids in the Village de Die neighborhood that Friday.

Charles did not say about the arrests that had been made.

A video circulating on social media shows gang members dragging and beating him as a police officer Voice of America (FLY).

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Photos posted on social media showed several damaged police vehicles, including armored trucks, left on the streets.

Charles admitted that some police equipment was still at the location of the operation. However, he did not provide further details.

Geng The criminal reportedly also found several high-caliber automatic weaponry and other abandoned police equipment.

On Saturday, the United Nations (UN) Office in Haiti released a statement saying it was imperative to clarify the information circulating regarding the raids.

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The UN office in Haiti added that they urged those responsible for the violence in the raid to be brought to justice.

The influence of criminal gangs in Haiti has grown significantly in recent years.

Criminal networks have total control over some of the capital’s impoverished and densely populated neighborhoods, creating forbidden zones and detaining abductees.

Kidnapping cases in Haiti have jumped dramatically in recent months targeting people who are rich or people who are considered quite wealthy.

The kidnappers usually ask for cash as a ransom to free the hostages.

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