Gamze Pala was buried in Rize with tears

Gamze Pala, 44, was killed by Savaş Dalançıkar, who did not leave her in front of her teacher house.

Before the murder of Savaş Dalançıkar, images appeared in which Pala watched the teachers’ home where he worked.

Speaking on the phone for a while, the attacker then attacked the woman and committed the murder.

The attacker also pretended to be “rejected” in his statement at the courthouse. He said he killed the gun with a knife because it was stuck. Savaş Dalançıkar was later arrested and sent to prison.

A funeral was held for the Gamze Pala, which was removed from life, in the Fındıklı Central Mosque in Rize, in line with the coronavirus measures.

Pala’s body was buried under tears in the family cemetery in the district center.


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