Gamma, first anniversary of the fight against breast cancer

Two years ago, Gabriel Castro yes Marina Tavizon added to the statistics of women affected by breast cancer in Mexico. Their gratitude towards life as survivors of this disease has inspired them to form, since November 2021, Range, a group that provides support to women who have experienced or are going through the same condition. It is of great merit to mention that this first of December they officially celebrate their first anniversary as Range.

Among the aids they provide, they mainly donate bra kits and external breast prostheses, sleeves for lymphedema to women in need – whom they affectionately call “daughters” – as well as emotional and physiotherapy aids; Furthermore, they also offer multiple activities which include workshops related to the physical and emotional care required (before, during and after this process), as well as services for the “daughters” and also for their families.

All this was possible above all thanks to the support and generosity of the sponsors, people and companies who decide to help through economic donations managed by the founders of Gamma, but which are personally delivered by the benefactors themselves, in some events generally organized in the months of March, July, October and December.

One of its main goals is to reduce breast cancer mortality by one percentage point in Mexico by raising awareness of this condition and increasing the positive attitude of GAMMA’s “daughters”.

«Flow with what you are experiencing“It’s a phrase that motivates Gabriela every day.

“It is not a why, but a for what”, shares Marina from her.

Today, more than 170 women have joined the list of “daughters” who have benefited from the various supports of Gamma and it is estimated that at least 100 more will join in the rest of the year.

If you are interested in joining as godmother or godfather, you can contact WhatsApp: 449 115 5731. The cost of the bra and external prosthesis kit is 1,400.00 pesos and the lymphedema sheath is 700.00 pesos.

If you need to benefit from a bra and external prosthesis kit, a lymphedema sheath or you are interested in having more information about the workshops for Gamma’s “daughters”, you can contact WhatsApp: 449 463 2440.

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