Gaming rating organizations hinted at the existence of the Xbox Series S

Netizens have found further evidence that Microsoft is going to release not only the Xbox Series X game console, but also its more affordable version in the form of the Xbox Series S. Earlier, the mention of the Xbox Series S was found in the box of the Xbox One controller. Now, indirectly, the existence of a new generation budget console has been confirmed by several gaming rating organizations at once.

Microsoft has not yet officially acknowledged the existence of the Xbox Series X, but the American rating organization ESRB seems to know something, or at least suspect. Twitter user Andrew Marmo found Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the list of supported platforms instead of Xbox Series X now with the more vague “Xbox Series”.

European ranking organization PEGI made a similar change, noting support for the “Xbox (2020)” platform instead of the usual Xbox Series X. This was discovered by a user from Spain.

According to the media, this can only mean one thing: ESRB and PEGI do not consider the future generation of Microsoft consoles as one console. It is too early to draw final conclusions. We will not find out the whole truth until the official announcement of Microsoft itself. However, many facts (both direct and indirect) still tilt in favor of the existence of the Xbox Series S.

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There are only a few things left to find out – the release date of the available version of the next generation Xbox, its cost, appearance and hardware. Earlier rumors said that the console was supposed to be announced last August. However, Microsoft’s plans were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Now rumors suggest that the console will be shown in September. According to the latest data, we will be able to see the Xbox Series S at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on September 24th. Recall that due to COVID-19, the traditional event was canceled back in June. However, they did not completely abandon it. Therefore, the exhibition will be held in digital format.

Some sources claim that the Xbox Series S will be approximately equal to the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of power. In addition, it will receive some new features inherent in the new generation of consoles, such as a high-speed solid state drive. In addition, it will differ from the Xbox Series X by a more familiar “console” design.

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