Gaming Legends: Knights of the Old Republic, an expansion to a known universe

Si would have to venture a why to the success obtained by the fantasy world created by George LucasPerhaps this would be the easy external simplicity that covers the external complexity of the story. For instance, en Tattooine, one of the most underrated planets in the galaxy, the economic lag is mixed with a technological advance that exceeds our reality.

In the first movie the world knew about, we knew there was a Empire and one Resistance, a cluster of planets in which both factions were mixed … and that’s it. We did not know why the Rebels were fighting the EmpireBut they did and it was credible. We do not know what motives the Empire had for create a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet, but they did it and it was credible.

So fascinating was this world that the fanatics did not settle easily, or even with the rest of the trilogue, nor with later novelizations, nor with action figures that explained undeveloped parts of the plot, nor with the cmics, nor with the horrible Christmas special… they want to be ah. They want to live in that world.

T, within the Star Wars universe.BioWare.

Role Playing Game

Genre RPG in video games it is an adaptation of the classics paper and pencil role-playing games that were born in the 70s. just like Bethesda experiment in creating the saga of The Elder Scrolls, the great difficulty in programming an RPG is in replicating the huge variety of actions that can be performed in an RPG, since these are based, practically, on any ideas you can create and narrate for your character.

By 1987, almost like a celebration 10 years after the first Star Wars movie was released, West End Games published a manual for an RPG of this saga, based on a system in which six-sided dice were used. For the year 2000, the license was obtained by Wizards of the Coast and created a new system based on the 20-sided die to make it more similar to your all-time hit: Dungeons & Dragons.

There were few manuals published by West End Games for the game.West End Games.

However, the existence of a game based on a ready-made story poses a serious problem: in other role-playing games (as D&D), Although there are pre-fabricated stories, there is no specific way it can end. Just as the players (the “heroes”) could defeat the villain and save the town, they can also burn down the town and join the villain if they prefer, or leave the town and kidnap the villain, or impersonate the villain and subdue the town … It depends on what the players want.

The Star Wars role-playing game is designed to allow for this decision making, however, Many of the stories have more to do with “how you do it” than with the result, because in the end, we know what will happen. It was also possible to choose between two outputs: or stories were created parallel to the central one (style “Rogue One) or it was accepted that it could be a “alternate universe” in which, for example, the Rebellion took for itself the Death Star.

The Old Republic

As in a good paper and pencil RPG, the thumbnails are a great visual aid.Iron Seer.

Anyway, it seems that these possibilities they did not enchant the fans, and that was one of the greatest successes by LucasArts y BioWare when, in July of the same year 2000, they announced that they were working in a new Star Wars title for PC and next-generation consoles (Although in the end only the Xbox entered these plans).

Actually, LucasArts proposed two feasible scenarios for this game: could be the official game of Episode II (which would be released two years later, so it would be more of a marketing strategy) or it could be located in another temporal context; specifically, 4000 years before Episode I.

Due to the enormous creative freedom that this option offered them, the team did not think twice and accepted the challenge: although some ideas had been released in the various media in which this universe had developed, little had been explored on this subject. The original triloga talked about the epoch of the rebellion; the new trilogy attempted to explain how the Republic became the galactic empire; now had to know what happened before.

The Galactic Republic is young and still faces the conflicts of its creation. The Mandalorianos (* audience shout *) have invaded different planets of the galaxy with the mere purpose of testing their skills in the conflict that is already known as the Mandalorian Wars.

Your adventure starts here.BioWare.

The Jedi Knights They have stayed out of the conflict (for a change), but two of them have decided to get involved unofficially (for a change). Ace, Revan and Malak they will seek the victory of the Republic with a small army … but something goes wrong along the way, the two Jedi disappear for a year and, when they return, they are now part of the Sith army, almost completely defeating the inoperative Jedi.

I have a good feeling about this

The game went on sale July 15, 2003. By July 19 it was already sold out the first shipment of 250,000 copies. Became the fastest-selling title on the Xbox. By October, it had reached 600,000 copies. Only in the United States were 1.3 million of them in 2006, which meant a total of $ 44 million in revenue. And his luck was quite similar on the PC version.

Levntate… Darth Revan.BioWare.

Acceptance by all reviews was general, if not total. Most of his grades are near perfect, and among the awards he earned are Game of the Year de los Game Developers Choice Awards de 2004, Xbox Game of the Year of the BAFTAs, Best Console RPG and Best PC RPG by the Interactive Achievement Awards, and Game Spot named him Best Xbox Game in July 2003 and Best PC Game in November of the same year.

In total, KOTOR (as it is popularly known) gathers about 40 awards for “Game of the Year” in various publications and is one of the titles that can be hung the honor of belonging to the Xbox Platinum Series for having exceeded one million units sold. For Game Informer, it is located at 54th place of the Best 200 Games of all time, according to a list made in 2010; and in 2014, Time magazine did another with the 100 Best Games in history where KOTOR was included.

The story of this video game was so well developed and such was their acceptance, that various elements of it had to be taken up in other stories, like the Mandalorian Wars and the Sith planet Malachor, plus a scene from Darth Revan in the series of ‘Clone Wars’ which in the end was removed. And according to a report in 2019, there are plans to create a new trilogy of films based entirely on the Old Republic.

One of the many faces of happiness.Reddit: u/SuperSaucyWaffles

The phenomenon in which a video game surpasses a movie is no longer so rare (not even in economic terms: now the gaming generates more than cinema); but a few years ago it was still an anomaly for a video game creative team to outperform a film production, and you can be sure that in terms of narrative, KOTOR super al Episodio I. If you did not know this title, now you can understand why the fandom is so happy about the announcement of remake what is being prepared and why did he earn a place within the Gaming Legends of Nacin Gamer.

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