Gameplay for canceled Spider-Man 4 game released

Gameplay for canceled Spider-Man 4 game released

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There is no doubt that the movies of Spider-Man Most fondly remembered are those that starred American actor Tobey Maguire, which debuted in the first decade of the millennium. In total, 3 tapes were produced; A fourth was planned, but it did not come to fruition after disagreements between director Sam Raimi and Sony. Interestingly, a game from the movie was also planned, but it suffered the same fate. However, development material has only just emerged on the Internet.

The film production was officially canceled on January 12, 2010, ending the series of films starring Maguire and gave way to The Amazing Spider-Man, which received Andrew Garfield as the superhero.

Unfortunately, the video game based on Spider-Man 4 had to be scrapped. The project was in development at the Radical Entertainment studio (responsible for the series Prototype) and would be distributed by Activision for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. There was also a version for Nintendo DS and Wii (which was in charge of Vicarious Visions and Eurocom, respectively), but they presented differences, mainly due to the power of the consoles.

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The gameplay of Spider-Man 4 it looked promising

Few people knew of the existence of these games and fewer had access to the development material (only 2 versions of Xbox 360 are known), which began approximately in 2008 for the versions of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. According to the developers (via Obscure Gamers), these versions were the ones with the most progress, but they were only between 10% and 15% complete.

According to the information, the development material was leaked in early 2021 and recently came to light thanks to Obscure Gamers, which shared a good deal of gameplay through YouTube.

It is important to mention that this version is a very early one that is not even Alpha, so there may be inconsistencies in animations and textures.

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However, in part it is possible to see that the game was promising. It is shown that there would be a battle with a helicopter and that Spider-Man would have to immobilize it with the help of his cobwebs, it is also possible to see that objects such as poles and vehicles would be destructible. In the final part, it shows the melee combat system with human enemies.

The project would be run by Radical Entertainment, thanks in large part to Prototype, as this title included a recreation of New York, so you could use your model to Spider-Man 4, since the events would take place in that city. The cancellation of the project, the progress was not thrown away, as several elements were used to Prototype 2.

On this link you can see the trailer shared by Obscure Gamers.

What did you think of the gameplay of Spider-Man 4? What feature would you like to see included in the new superhero adventure? Tell us in the comments.

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