Gameplay footage from the Halo Infinite campaign looks great

At the end of October we got coveted gameplay trailer focused on the new story of Master Chief. He already proved that for a year Halo Infinite he peeked significantly and cannot be compared to the strange textures, strange lighting, and disgusting face of Craig. This shift is confirmed today by new gameplay footage from foreign journalists.

Selected foreign magazines were given the opportunity to play and write or record their impressions a month before the issue of Halo Infinite. The videos show an introductory level that goes back to basics. The videos also reveal how the Master Chief got on Zeta Halo, preceded by a fight inside a massive ship. On the ship, the main character moves faster thanks to his Grappleshot.

It can also be seen open world, respectively a large map that offers attacks on bases and cooperation with surviving Marines at its discretion. It sounds pretty similar to Combat Evolved, except that here you can decide where to go. Eliminating enemies in the bases will bring them back under USNC control, access a fast travel point and gain Valor. Valor provides access to a variety of weapons, vehicles (including the Scorpion tank) and Marines.

In addition to bases, there are other enemy-controlled facilities in the open world that need to be cleaned up by destroying energy sources. In some areas you will also find secret rooms, hide unique weapons, such as Backdraft Cindershot. Collectibles such as UNSC sound recordings, multiplayer armor and more are also available.

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8, 2021 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. On the day of release, the game will also be available in an Xbox Game Pass subscription for all versions and multiplayer will be free for all.



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