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After looking for how Alx Preston (headman Heart Machine, a reference to his illness) went, since he indicated in previous interviews that he might not make it to 30 (eg Vice news), I saw that in December 2021 she also had released another game in the same universe “Solar Ash”.

Looks really good in 3D actually, so that would bode well for this new title. Personally never heard of this title and didn’t really expect this to be the same universe as Hyperlight Drifter without looking at it. But that’s partly because the game only came out on Epic.

With Gearbox as the publisher (meh), this game will likely suffer the same fate. I’m personally very upset about that. Hope Heart Machine at least benefits from that, but ehh, history shows that GB publishing + EGS can also turn out something else…

Anyway, too bad I don’t get to play these titles until years later.

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