Game Series ‘Mass Effect’ Becomes Epic Amazon Series

After The Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings, Amazon is once again going for a large-scale series.

Amazon Prime has just launched a hugely expensive epic fantasy series in the form of The Wheel of Time and will come with a very expensive one next year Lord of the Ringsseries, but they still have enough money left to give large-scale sci-fi attention as well.

They have been working on this for several years now with The Expanse, a much-loved sci-fi series they bought from Syfy and nearing its sixth and final season.

Now, however, a sci-fi project is added. According to Deadline, Amazon is about to sign a deal with BioWare and EA to make a series of the hugely popular game series. Mass Effect.

[b]Classic games[/i]

The original Mass Effecttrilogy features one of the most complete, stuffed universes in the world of sci-fi that doesn’t include the titles Star Wars of Star Trek to be named.

The games take you as Commander Shepherd, who must assemble a crew of aliens and humans to defeat an ancient threat to the galaxy.


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