Game Pass would have 100 million subscribers with Activision, says analyst

Anyone keeping an eye on the news should remember that Microsoft and Activision are in talks to have Bill Gates’ company get the company responsible for Call of Duty and many other games. By the time that happens, there are hunches that Game Pass could benefit greatly in this regard.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance Live (you can check out the original video in this news article), analyst Michael Pachter commented that the inclusion of Activision Blizzard games in Game Pass could make the number of service subscribers reach 100 million users.

“Microsoft had a vision years ago that I thought was stupid, where they were going to introduce a subscription service and everybody was going to pay them for the right to play the games. And they just didn’t have many games,” Pachter said.

“Then they went into a series of purchases and bought six independent studios, with Obsidian being the biggest one. They’re really, really good. Then they bought Bethesda, which is a giant studio, and now they’re going to buy Activision. When they’re done, they will be the fourth largest game publisher in the US So they will be giants and then they will be in a position to really support Game Pass,” the analyst continued.

“Their vision for the future is we’re going to eliminate consoles. We’re going to use the cloud and we’re going to deliver games on whatever screen you have. And that potential market is 3.5 billion people. So I don’t believe they get that many subscribers.” of Game Pass, but will they go from 25 million to 100 million? Yes.”, concluded the Yahoo Finance Live guest.

Finally, he points out that there is no reason for the FTC, the body that is overseeing this transaction, to end up presenting reasons against Microsoft’s purchase of Activison Blizzard, something that, for Pachter, must be completed no later than mid-January of the next year.

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