The most popular television show in the world, according to some audience measurement companies, celebrates in 2021 a decade of changing the way of global entertainment.

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Writing / La Voz de Michoacán

Game of Thrones, one of the most watched and awarded series in recent times, reached the HBO signal in April 2011. The series based on the novels by George RR Martín celebrates ten years of changing the way of entertainment in 2021 globally.

In a virtual event, WarnerMedia Latin America executives announced the events that are planned and as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, a global event is contemplated in which live experiences in countries such as Mexico could be included.

“It seems incredible that a decade has passed since the world of television and entertainment changed. Nobody thought this program was going to become a global phenomenon, ”said Gustavo Grossman, head of General Entertainment Networks for WarnerMedia Latin America.

The leader of General Entertainment Networks highlighted that in addition to having special programming, the celebration is part of the confirmation of “House of the dragon”, a series located 300 years before the GOT events that will premiere next year and will focus in the Targaryen family.

Grossman pointed out that although a great event is planned, it must be remembered that you have to be very careful with what you plan in the future, because if allowed, important local events are planned.

Finally, as part of the new content of the chain, the new season of series such as “Succession”, premieres such as “Beartown” and an upcoming miniseries starring Kate Winslet called “Mare of easttown” stood out.

In the Latin American market, the Brazilian “The American guest” and the Argentine “Between men”, among others, will be released.

As for feature films, one of the bets is the tape “Twist” produced by Particular Crowd under the new label “HBO Latin America Movies” and which includes Sir Michael Caine in the cast.