Game of Thrones books get a different ending

In part, the characters in the Game of Thrones books will have a different ending.

Writer George RR Martin has been sharing a lot about his books of true HBO series lately Game of Thrones is based on. Two more books will be released in the series and then the story of Martin is completed.

Martin now says that the series told some of the endings he had in mind. But not in part either. Some characters really get a different ending.

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Other endings

Martin says that in the book Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, that looks at the making of the series. “It wasn’t easy I thought,” Martin said of revealing the end of the franchise. “I didn’t want to give my books away. So it wasn’t easy to tell about the ending.”

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“Each character has a different ending. I told them who would end up on the Iron Throne, about big twists like Hodor and hold the door and Stannis’s decision to burn his daughter alive. But we didn’t cover everyone. Especially the smaller characters will have very different endings. “

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