Game developer Among Us Undo releases a sequel, why?, Jakarta – Game developer Among Us, InnerSloth, has just revealed news that is quite surprising to many parties.

The company reports that it has not continued or canceled the development of the second series of games, Among Us. The reason? Simple, because the first game was too popular.

Yup, the developers decided to roll out and support a game that’s been played a lot gamer around that world.

In fact, InnerSloth announced the second series of the gym Among Us was 36 days ago.

“The main reason we want to make a sequel is because the main code Among Us 1 is very outdated, and was not created so that new content can be added,” said InnerSloth in its official blog, Thursday (24/9/2020).

They added, “However, seeing a lot of people enjoying Among Us 1 made us want to support the game, and take it to the next level. “


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