Game company CREST acquires Aquaplus. A new departure in the month following the release of “Monochrome Moebius Toki no Dairyaku” – AUTOMATON


CREST will make Aqua Plus Co., Ltd. a subsidiary on December 9th.publicationdone. At the decision of the board of directors on December 9, 2022, it was decided to acquire all shares of Aqua Plus and make it a subsidiary. The expected execution date of the share transfer is December 28, 2022.

Aqua Plus is a gaming company based in Osaka. Furu has developed a beautiful girls games brand called Leaf, and recently developed a console/mobile games business as Aqua Plus. She has worked on beautiful games for girls such as “To Heart” series, “Utawarerumono” series and the “WHITE ALBUM” series.

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CREST, which acquired the company, is a game and animation company. The parent company is Pole To Win Holdings. As for business, it owns Sarugakucho, a subsidiary specializing in game development, and numerous companies that produce and sell anime, games, and music. In particular, I have recently focused on game production. We are focusing on developing new PC/console titles, creating multiplayer RPG “Aria Chronicle” and 2D horror “Last Light”. The action roguelite “Metallic Child” and the chaotic RPG “Party Rush!! ]and other Asian developers to create unique games.

In recent years, CREST has been promoting IP maximization and in April of this year acquired Hawkeye, who worked on “Sister, let’s do it right!” and “Tsuyokisu”. And this time they are trying to make Aquaplus a subsidiary. CREST says Aqua Plus’ planning and development capabilities and extensive intellectual property are highly valued. Specifically, the assessment points are the planning, development and sale of game software and the planning, production and sale of master records for music and video content.

Until now Aqua Plus has been under the umbrella of Yumeno Sora Holdings but will be under the umbrella of CREST. Additionally, Fix Records, which was under Aquaplus, will become a subsidiary of CREST.

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【UPDATE 2022/12/09 18:06】
In addition, CREST today announced that it will merge with SANETTY Produce Co., Ltd. and Cubist Co., Ltd. on February 1, 2023, and the new company name will be HIKE Co., Ltd. Through this merger, the points of CREST’s strengths in content production and IP licensing and Cubist’s strengths in graphics production and marketing/promotion will be integrated. The merger was decided on the basis of the assessment that it would be possible to accelerate the growth of the multimedia content business more than ever before, as well as improve management efficiency through synergy effects. After the merger, HIKE will become a company that plays a central role in multimedia content covering toC and toB business.

Speaking of Aqua Plus, “Monochrome Mobius Toki no Dairyaku” just released on November 17th. The parent company will change the month after the new job is released. What kind of role will the long-time bishoujo game creator, which has a variety of IP content, play under the umbrella of CREST and HIKE in the future?

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