Sport Gallo: "Osimhen prospective blow. Naples, I would see two...

Gallo: “Osimhen prospective blow. Naples, I would see two purchases well: there is also the new Bonucci”


Antonello Gallo, journalist expert in foreign football, spoke to about the market created by the Italian club.

The international football expert journalist, Antonello Gallo, released some exclusive statements to lingering on the club’s market and projecting to the challenge of the blues in the Champions League with Lionel Messi’s Barcelona. Here are his words: “Napoli can absolutely play against Barcelona, ​​it is now as if it were a direct match and anything can happen, even if there are reasons in favor and others against which will only be evaluated on the field. I tell you the potential reasons in favor and those against “.

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“A) Barça have not played big matches since Setién came on the bench, a predictable and too offensive game and very unguarded in defense, where the” pillars are either old or have not understood the tactical movements.

b) The Catalans have the extra weapon in a huge stadium to see and play (a footballer friend in La Liga told me that his legs were shaking when he played at Camp Nou). This weapon will be partially canceled by the lack of public (if played there), which historically suffered greatly by the Blaugrana.

c) The company is going through a great transition period, the technician’s exoneration at the end of the league had already been rumored and this did not happen for economic reasons, so much so that there are many on the starting foot. d) at the moment the team is free from various injured or out of shape elements.

The reasons against Napoli: a) relaxation of the Neapolitans or tiredness. b) the loss of humility after the Italian cup and the apparent loss of control of Gattuso which appeared in certain cases. c) the cursed goal collected in Naples, in such matches, can be decisive.

Of course though … Hopefully. “

What is missing for Napoli to return to the top of Italian football?

“This team does not lack much to emerge in a big way, it just needs to become aware that certain races are not won before starting and therefore the pindaric flights and the arrogance don’t pay, especially if you are in the growth phase. Some elements will leave a lot probably but the ability lies in making the new ones integrate with sense. At the moment I would not touch almost anything, but I would work on compactness, on the game “.

The Meanwhile Naples has struck the blow Osimhen

“Osimhen is an excellent purchase, but it is nevertheless of perspective, let’s face it. He still has to fully express his potential and I hope that Gattuso will help him effectively. At a young age he has a burden on him that is not simple. However, honestly I would avoid inappropriate comparisons who appear around, Mbappé, Drogba, etc. I would rather say his style of play is classic of African talents of the English school, who often prefer France to establish themselves in a football congenial to them, before (usually) to move to the Premier League (in Nigeria it is more popular than local football.) In any case, Osimhen enhances the speed, the determination, agility in the spaces. But one should not and can already be called a champion just for his cost, or because he is national or has played a season of level. Let’s not forget that Victor in Germany made very few years ago, in Belgium he exalted, before being definitively known (and presented at Napoli) by Lille. Finally, I would like to clarify a few knows about many oddities read and heard around. True, there was the change in the race of the prosecutor and perhaps a latent fear of a racial mold that disturbed the player, but it should be stressed that Osimhen wanted Naples, but he would have “preferred” the Premier. From overseas, no club has offered anything concretely. “

Tell me which players you would see well at Napoli

“There would be two footballers that come to mind and that I would see well in a renewed team with perspective. One is Koch of Freiburg, the new Bonucci, versatile player, careful and precise in the throws and dominator of the defense. Big growth margins and already German national team. Unfortunately we will hardly see it here. The other is the Cape Verdean-Portuguese eclectic Jovane Cabral Sporting CP, 21 year old attacking midfielder but who can also act as a winger on both fronts, superfine touch and strong sense of the goal. While not playing all the races this season, he contributed to the 4th place of his club which was not sailing in beautiful waters. “



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