Galicia has a deficit of 640 National Police officers | Radio Galicia

In Galicia there are deficits of agents in the National Police Corps. The Unified Police Union (SUP) sets it at 20%, which means that there are 640 fewer troops than it takes.

They request a call for 256 places, which would allow part of the problem to be alleviated, by covering 40% of the vacancies. In the first ten days of February, the draft of the general competition for merits of the basic and sub-inspection scales will be published, a movement that, according to SUP spokesman Roberto González, generates “a lot of hope”, both in part of the 3,000 agents Galicians who work in other parts of the country, such as in police stations, who see the opportunity to alleviate the personnel deficit.

As detailed, vacancy problem worsens in large cities, as is the case in A Coruña, where there are 200 fewer agents on staff than the catalog contemplates, or in Vigo, where there are 580 personnel when they should be 724.

The lack of agents, in González’s opinion, has the consequence that worse service is offered to citizens, since it increases the reaction time or decreases protection for victims of gender violence, among others.

Desire to recover cash

In an informative breakfast, the delegate of the Government in Galicia, Javier Losada, expressed “the desire” of the central Executive to recover the figures that were before the arrival of Mariano Rajoy to the government. He highlighted the cuts and the lack of calls that took place during the eight years of the PP in Moncloa. “We respect the union’s demands, but we are paying for the cuts of the previous government and the lack of places,” he said.

In addition, they alerted to the situation of lack of officers in the 8th Police Intervention Unit (UIP), which is getting worse, because they say that for professionals “it is not profitable”. Thus, they highlighted the need to improve their working conditions and update their diets, to try to correct this trend.

Police are missing in Galicia, a worrying situation, even more so on the eve of Xacobeo 2021, a year in which the “massive” influx of visitors is expected to the community. A challenge for which the unit, which is “very depleted”, “is going to arrive very just”.

Precisely, thinking about the Holy Year, Roberto González asserted that it would be positive “to increase the rank of the Santiago police station”, so that the catalog could contemplate more troops and it could consider creating a IPU base in the capital.


From the union they highlighted the “increase in technology crime“, with more stresses, hacks and theft of user data.

They believe that it is necessary to “strengthen the group” of policemen who are dedicated to prosecuting this type of crime “in all police stations”, since, currently, “there are few people with the means and with the necessary training to investigate it.”

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