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Galicia é cine: Successful First Galician Film Series in Córdoba, Argentina

On November 29 and 30, and December 1, the first Galician film series, titled “Galicia é cine”, was held with great success in Córdoba (Argentina). This event, a window into the world of Galician cinema, took place thanks to the support and collaboration of several key entities and people.

Special thanks to the Araguaney – Puente de Culturas Foundation, whose successful selection of films significantly enriched the program, offering the public a representative and high-quality sample of Galician cinema.

The team at the España Córdoba Cultural Center, composed of Martín, Lucía, Andre, Gustavo and Santi, deserve a special mention for their exceptional work. Their dedication and effort not only made this series possible, but also contributed to highlighting the potential of the Galician film industry and making visible the richness and value of our language.

We must thank each and every attendee who made space in their agendas to join us at this event. His presence and enthusiasm for Galician cinema was a source of inspiration and motivation to continue promoting our culture and art.

We hope that this first cycle of Galician cinema has been an enriching experience for everyone and will serve to bring the Galician community and the general public even closer to the fascinating world of cinema. Until the next edition!

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