Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof – List of all branches that are closing

The redevelopment of Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof (GKK) is getting serious: 50 of the 172 branches, plus a department store that has not yet been opened in Berlin-Tegel and two bargain centers are to be closed. After negotiations with the landlords, however, the company announced on Friday that it wanted to continue operating six more department stores. This saved 12 branches. As a result, around 750 employees will keep their jobs.

The group also wants to close 20 of 30 branches of the subsidiary Karstadt Sports and up to 24 branches of Karstadt Feinkost. The background to this is that Karstadt Kaufhof has been stumbling for a long time – the group is facing competition from online trading, but also the changed customer behavior and strong competition from smaller and more specialized retailers.

Karstadt Kaufhof: Which branches are closing?

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The map of Germany shows all locations where Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof branches will close:

Karstadt Kaufhof: List of affected branches

The closings at Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof affect locations in almost all federal states. Only Thuringia is spared from the branch closings. These 56 branches of the Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof chain have to close:

  • Berlin Charlottenburg (Karstadt)
  • Berlin Gropius Passage (Karstadt)
  • Berlin Hohenschönhausen (Kaufhof)
  • Berlin Müllerstrasse (Karstadt)
  • Berlin Tempelhof (Karstadt)
  • Bonn (Karstadt)
  • Braunschweig (Kaufhof)
  • Bremen (Kaufhof)
  • Bremerhaven (Karstadt)
  • Bruehl (Kaufhof)
  • Dessau (Karstadt)
  • Dortmund (Kaufhof)
  • Düsseldorf Schadowstrasse (Karstadt)
  • Düsseldorf Wehrhahn (Kaufhof)
  • Food (Kaufhof)
  • Essen (Karstadt)
  • Flensburg (Karstadt)
  • Frankfurt Hessen-Center (Kaufhof)
  • Frankfurt Zeil (Karstadt)
  • Fulda (Kaufhof)
  • Goeppingen (Kaufhof)
  • Gummersbach (Karstadt)
  • Gütersloh (Karstadt)
  • Hamburg Bergedorf (Karstadt)
  • Hamburg Mönckebergstrasse (Kaufhof)
  • Hamburg Wandsbek (Karstadt)
  • Hamm (Kaufhof)
  • Hannover Georgstraße (Karstadt) – read more at the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”.
  • Ingolstadt (Kaufhof)
  • Iserlohn (Karstadt)
  • Cologne Weiden (Kaufhof)
  • Landau (Kaufhof)
  • Lübeck (Karstadt) – read more at the “Lübeck news”.
  • Mainz (Karstadt)
  • Mannheim N7 (Kaufhof)
  • Mönchengladbach Reydt (Karstadt)
  • Munich Am Nordbad (Karstadt)
  • Munich OEZ (Karstadt)
  • Munich Stachus (Kaufhof)
  • Neubrandenburg (Kaufhof) – read more at the “Ostsee-Zeitung”.
  • Neumuenster (Karstadt)
  • Neunkirchen (Kaufhof)
  • Neuss (Kaufhof)
  • Norderstedt (Karstadt)
  • Osnabrück (Kaufhof)
  • Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt (Kaufhof)
  • Sulzbach MTZ (Karstadt)
  • Trier Simeonstrasse (Karstadt)
  • Witten (Kaufhof)
  • Worms (Kaufhof)

In addition, the two bargain centers in Gießen and in Frankfurt’s Northwest Center are closing, as is the not yet opened branch in Berlin Tegel.


62 branches of Karstadt and Kaufhof are to close

Almost every third branch closes at Germany’s last major department store group, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof. © Reuters

These branches will not be closed

After negotiations with the landlords, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof announced on Friday that it would be closing six fewer branches than originally planned. Six more branches, which will be saved from the end, were added on July 17th. These are the following branches:

  • Dortmund (Karstadt)
  • Nuremberg Lorenz Church (Karstadt)
  • Goslar (Karstadt)
  • Potsdam (Karstadt)
  • Chemnitz (Kaufhof)
  • Leverkusen (Kaufhof)
  • Berlin-Lichtenberg (Ringcenter) (Kaufhof)
  • Bielefeld (Karstadt)
  • Hamburg (Alstertal shopping center) (Kaufhof)
  • Leonberg (Karstadt)
  • Nuremberg-Langwasser (Karstadt)
  • Singing (Karstadt)

Corona worsened crisis at Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof got into a serious crisis due to the pandemic-related closure of all branches and had to seek rescue in a protective shield procedure at the beginning of April. Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof expects the pandemic and the economic downturn it triggered to lose sales of up to 1.4 billion euros by the end of 2022.

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