Galaxy S22: What to Expect from Samsung’s Mighty Cell Phones

With the launch of the collapsible smartphone line from Samsung and the end of the Galaxy Note series in 2021, rumors regarding the Galaxy S22 family have started to become more and more consistent over the past few weeks, and we’ve gathered here everything we can expect from the brand’s new trio of flagships.

It is noteworthy that although the rumors are strong and plausible, such information is still preliminary based and last minute changes may be made by Samsung until the definitive announcement of the devices.


(Image: Playback/Samsung)

While the Galaxy S21 series represented a huge leap from the previous generation, initial rumors point to that the next generation must keep the characteristic design and much touted, with the rear camera module molded in one piece with an aluminum side.

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Still, visual increments are expected. The Galaxy S22, like the new iPhone 13, is likely to feature larger sensors for its rear cameras, resulting in larger lenses and a larger camera set.

For the front panel the Samsung should not bet on the camera under the display. The solution was used for the first time on a branded smartphone in the conceptual Galaxy Z Fold 3, and it was clear that it still needs to evolve to be able to replace the front camera in a line aimed at the conventional audience.

Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen and Note look

(Image: Playback/Digit)

Rumors point to the possibility of Samsung making major structural changes to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, being the first model in the line with an integrated S Pen to replace the Note series.

Detailed renderings shared by trusted leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer on Sept. 24 were the first visual clues to the new design that would be implemented by Samsung, displaying a similar body to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and new design for the camera suite.

(Image: Playback/Digit)

By implementing the S Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and offering a design close to the productivity-oriented series, it’s obvious that the idea is attract consumers from the Note line to the S line.

With the end of the Galaxy Note line in 2021 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 implementing its main productivity functions, such a rumor is plausible, but it is necessary to wait for more information before nailing it with great certainty.


Concept imagine Galaxy S22 with S21 design and large camera module (Image: Playback/LetsGoDigital)

Unlike the few changes in the Galaxy S20 for the Galaxy S21, Samsung’s new lineup of smartphones is expected to feature major camera improvements from the previous year, at least in the two smaller models.

For the smaller duo, consisting of the S22 and S22 Plus, both are expected to adopt a powerful new 50 MP ISOCELL GN3 main sensor, keeping the ultrawide lens and telephoto lens with better sensors. both must inherit the same lens with 3x optical zoom as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra should adopt the third generation 108 MP sensor with improved quality for the main lens, plus the same set of four cameras with an ultrawide lens and two other telephoto lenses, one for 3x zoom and one for 10x lossless zoom.

Rumors indicated that Samsung could implement its new sensor with incredible 200 MP resolution as early as 2022, but it seems that changes were made by the company and such a novelty should debut next year with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


(Image: Playback/Samsung)

No camera under display, the new Galaxy S22 is expected to keep the circular notch at the top of the screen and keep the glass slightly curved on the sides.

Rumors point to Samsung will implement smaller screens across the board. The Galaxy S22 would go from 6.2″ to 6.06″, while the Galaxy S22 Plus would replace the 6.7″ screen to offer a more compact 6.5″ display.

Already rumors about the Galaxy S22 Ultra began to diverge this week. While initial leaks pointed to a subtle 6.81″ reduction in the S21 Ultra to 6.8″ on the new model, a fresher rumor indicates that the screen could be even bigger, jumping to 6.9″ in order to attract Note line fans.

Also regarding the S22 Ultra, it is possible that Samsung will drop the 20:9 standard for adopt a larger ratio of 19.3:9, which reinforces indications that the S Pen can be implemented in the body of the model. It’s still likely that Samsung will bet on the LTPO-type panel, allowing smart use of the refresh rate for battery savings.


(Image: Playback/Samsung)

Once again Samsung will maintain its standard by using two different chipsets for selected markets: the Snapdragon 898 designed by Qualcomm and the Exynos 2200 designed by Samsung in partnership with AMD.

Models with the Snapdragon 898 chip will benefit from expected new 4 nanometer lithograph, even smaller than the previous generation and offering improvements in speed, power consumption and artificial intelligence.

Leaks highlight that Samsung’s proprietary Exynos 2200 chip is being designed with eight cores, with a powerful Cortex-X2 core at 2.9Hz, three Cortex-A710 cores at 2.8GHz and four Cortex-A510 cores at Energy efficient with 2.2 GHz.

For graphic processing, the Samsung must use an AMD Radeon GPU with mRDNA 2 architecture, based in RDNA 2 architecture already implemented on consoles PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X|S, which would bring great features like ray tracing and variable shadows to Samsung phones.

Exynos for some, Snapdragon for others

Successor to Snapdragno 888 will also equip Samsung phones (Image: Playback/Qualcomm)

Rumors point out that Samsung should merge the availability of chips in the Galaxy S22 line. You United States can receive units with Exynos 2200 thanks to the operator Verizon, but still guaranteeing the predominance of the Snapdragon 898 chip.

On the other hand, markets like South Korea, Hong Kong and China are likely to win the version with Snapdragon, although operator China Telecom is interested in selling units with Exynos.

This change is due to the scarcity of processors in the global market, affecting not only the smartphone industry but also cars, consoles and all electronic products in general.

As we are months away from the official launch, it is likely that Samsung is still making changes and closing deals to ensure the availability of processors in different markets.

battery and charging

(Image: Playback/Samsung)

There are strong indications that the Samsung must reduce battery capacity in at least two new generation models. The Galaxy S22 would be one of them, leaving the 4,000 mAh of the S21 to adopt a 3,800 mAh cell.

A strong trend observed among leakers is that the Galaxy S22 Plus can suffer more significant reductions, losing between 200 mAh and 430 mAh. So instead of maintaining the 4,800 mAh capacity of the Galaxy S21 Plus, the new model would have a battery of 4,600 mAh, 4,500 mAh or 4,370 mAh.

For the Galaxy S22 Ultra rumors indicate that Samsung may adopt the same 5,000 mAh battery as the previous year or downgrade to a capacity of 4,855 mAh.

Leaks regarding charging speed reveal that the Galaxy S22 will ship with the same power of 25W, while the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a charging capacity of up to 45W.


(Image: Playback/Samsung)

The announcement of the Galaxy S21 line represented a reduction of US$ 200 on all models, and it is extremely likely that the values ​​will not change with the new generation.

So we expect the Galaxy S22 to start at $799, the Galaxy S22 Plus to start at $999, and the mighty Galaxy S22 Ultra to start at $1,199.

The values ​​for the Brazilian market are unknown, but it is worth remembering that the Galaxy S21 arrived in the country for R$ 5,999, the Galaxy S21 Plus for R$ 6,999 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra for R$ 9,499.

Announcement and release date

(Image: Playback/Samsung)

In 2021 Samsung made a change in the date of announcement and presentation of the Galaxy S line, leaving it to happen in February to be brought forward to the middle of the first month of the year. And so the Galaxy S21 trio was announced on January 14th.

Its launch took place a few weeks later, on January 29th, and it is expected that this window between announcement and start of sales will be maintained for the Galaxy S22 line.

Thus, it is likely that the Galaxy S22 lineup presentation event will take place in mid-January 2022, with the launch possibly taking place until the end of the same month.

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