Galaxy S21 Follow iPhone 12 does not include a charger, this is the reason Samsung

TEMPO.CO, JakartaSamsung does not include a charging head, head charger, in every cell phone purchase box Galaxy S21 which just launched the middle of this month. This minus charger is included in Indonesia.

Samsung Mobile Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Taufiqul Furqan, said this step was their commitment to environmental sustainability. The same reason that was revealed when Apple released iPhone 12 without a charger last October.

“This is one of our efforts to reduce electronic waste,” said Taufiq during an online press conference, Friday afternoon, January 29, 2021.

In Indonesia, Taufiq added, Samsung often holds programs trade-in or trade-in when launching a new product, especially for mobile phones flagship. According to him, so far consumers only sell cellphones without boxes and accessories that come with it.

“Many people still use it charger it took a long time because it was not exchanged, “said Taufiq.

Lucky Sebastian, a gadget observer and founder of the Gadtorade community, also said that many people use their existing charger when they have a new phone. He claiming to often hear the statement “charger never been used “when members of his community sell used phones.

Samsung has just confirmed the absence of this charger head in the series flagship. No question yet absence charger in other series, including the Galaxy A series and Galaxy M.

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Even though it is sold without a head charger, only provide USB Type C to C, Samsung Indonesia is not worried that users will have difficulties. They have introduced USB Type C since 2017, and even the latest Android phones already use this type of cable.



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