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The Samsung Galaxy Note series has recently been alleged by many whistleblowers that it will officially end this year. In addition, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will officially support S Pen. It is rumored that Samsung will focus on folding phones. The latest report points out that the Galaxy Note may not disappear, but Will give up the “flagship status” for many years.

The well-known whistleblower Ice universe hinted this month that the Galaxy Note will end this year, which means that consumers may not be able to make the Note 21 debut. Today (1/23), a well-known DSCC analyst Ross Young It was confirmed again that Note 21 is not in Samsung’s plan, but it hinted that the “Note 20 FE” exists, and Samsung may change the Note series to a light flagship.

Samsung released the Galaxy S20 FE last year. The precise positioning of the “light flagship” has won many consumers’ support. If the Note 20 FE will appear as rumors, it is expected to maintain the flagship processor and S Pen stylus support. Ross Young also pointed out that as Samsung does not release Note 21, its Galaxy S21 will have a longer sales cycle, which is expected to surpass the best-selling Galaxy S10 series in the past.

“You may still want to watch…”

The main push is the new flagship Galaxy S21!Samsung quietly bid farewell to the previous S20 series

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