Galaxy Note 7’s Secret Feature Revealed After 6 Years

Some people, who had the chance to examine the device abroad before it was collected, say that although it is stated in the box and description of the product that there is 15W Adaptive Fast Charge support, the version of the Galaxy Note 7 using the Snapdragon 820 processor offers support up to 25W.

Unlike other phones that used Snapdragon 820 at the time Samsungdid not offer Quick Charge 3.0 support neither on its adapter nor on its device. However, it turned out that the company, which uses 25W fast charging even in the recently introduced S22 series (the S22 Ultra also has 45W support), actually took this step 6 years ago.

Allegedly, because Samsung sold its Exynos processor model in many countries at that time and this chip did not support 25W, ABD and decided to hide this support of the Snapdragon 820 model, which it launched in some other regions.

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