Galaxy Deep Rock’s Critical Corruption Season Introduces Jetpacks and Deadly Plague Monsters

Of all the four-player co-op shooters, Galaxy Deep Rock She is one of the most creative. Players take on the role of dwarf space miners, diving into the depths with hooks, drills, and plenty of firepower. Ghost Ship Games just announced the game’s new season, Critical Corruption, which adds jetpacks, new villains, and plenty of dwarf outfits. Critical Corruption is now available for testing in the Steam beta branch It will be online on June 15th.

Galaxy Deep RockThe story progresses through seasons, with new procedural elements introduced into the game to complicate or change the typical execution. The Roxpox plague destroys the planet Hoxxes IV and makes the planet’s mines more dangerous.

The animals in the game have been infected and improved, and the plague hearts that appeared in the mines have turned into mobile and dangerous monsters that require specialized waste equipment. New creatures have emerged as a result of all this activity across the planet. The Glyphid Stingtail and Septic Spreader are two new enemies that are heavily armored, and they seem to pack a punch.

Arguably the most exciting new tool in the dwarves’ arsenal this season are Jet Boots, which spawn in cages in caverns. The Space Rig has a terminal that allows players to test boots in a safe place, so it’s easy to rotate them before using them in the field.

There’s also the Seasonal Scorecard, which is free and packed with new cosmetics. Anything in the past will later join the regular loot table. The update also allows the dwarves to rock a sleeveless option on their outfits for those who want to show off their sick snakes. A particularly fashionista can sip on a new drink at the Abyss Bar called Randoweisser that randomly selects an outfit from its cosmetics.

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Galaxy Deep Rock Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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