Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) threatened by Joss Whedon: “I destroy your career”


Gal Gadot has confirmed that she too is on the set of Justice League has had ‘problems’ with Joss Whedon. The director even threatened to destroy her career, according to a reconstruction by the authoritative film magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

Wonder Woman performer Gal Gadot has indeed been at odds with Joss Whedon during the re-recording of Justice League. The two would have had major disagreements about the new dialogues that Whedon had written for the superheroine. The actress did not like those three times and was also not happy with the way Whedon wanted to portray her character.

Sources claim that Whedon threatened to damage Gadot’s career on this and in his shouting match too Wonder Womandirector Patty Jenkins belittled.

Joss claimed to have solved his problems with Gal, but by that he meant that he made it clear to her that he was the writer and that she had nothing to say. She was told to do whatever he wantedA knowledgeable source told The Hollywood Reporter.

Whedon is also said to have told Gadot that he could make the hair look “pretty stupid” in the movie, if he wanted to. According to sources, that disguised threat fell pretty wrong at Gadot and she decided to go to former Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara together with Jenkins.

Commenting on The Hollywood Reporter’s article, Gadot confirms that she and Whedon had a fight on set. “I’ve had problems [met Whedon], but these have been to the satisfaction of Warner Bros. resolved“, let them know in a statement.

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