Gaillac. Rémy Plaçais back in the fold after California

It is a homecoming for Rémy Plaçais, who opened his “Barbier by Remy” men’s hairdressing salon on rue Jean Jaurès, on the site occupied for fourteen years by Delphine Coiffure. Remy Plaçais prepared his CAP in Gaillac, before leaving, at the age of twenty, for Los Angeles where he spent fourteen years. First as an employee in a salon at Beverly Wilshire (the hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed) then in her own salon. Back in France, he found a job for a year and a half at Balma, before jumping at the opportunity when Delphine left. “The show was going to die, everything was settled in a day”. His specialty is “bland skin”, the white gradient (or American gradient) that he does with a scissor and a clipper. “It’s longer and more technical than with a trimmer alone, but you can work better with lengths and shadows, from 0 mm skin to 9 mm”. Some require a supplement of wax, matte or shiny, which increasingly replaces the gel.

“It gives hair support, leaving it free, without hardening it”. The barber works with a cabbage-cutting blade, traces the mustaches and the fly on the chin if necessary. “Many try themselves, but with disposable razors, this practice has been lost. In front of the mirror, in reverse, it is not easy”. Better to go through the expert hand and hot towels of the barber than to risk the Alcatraz scar.

Open Tuesday to Saturday non-stop. Phone 05 63 41 15 85.
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