GAC Auto Finance and Huili’s Digital Innovation for Green Finance at 12th Guangzhou International Financial Exchange & Expo

(Original title: Convergence Finance joins forces to boost trillions GAC GAC Huili brings “e-second direct” to the 12th Golden Fair)

On June 9, 2023, the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Financial Exchange & Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Fair) was grandly opened at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Pazhou, Guangzhou. GAC Auto Finance (hereinafter referred to as GAC Auto Finance) joined hands with five brother companies of GAC Group to participate in the exhibition with the overall image of the group’s finance, demonstrating the group’s layout and strength in the financial sector under the “Trillion GAC” strategy. Huili made its 12th appearance on the stage of the Golden Fair.

Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group, Yu Jun, Deputy General Manager of GAC Group and Chairman of GAC

Group photo with the heads of exhibitors in the financial sector

Growth against the market, GAC Huili outperformed the market

In 2023, the domestic auto market will struggle under the double blow of fierce price wars and slowing market demand growth. Auto finance, as a financial service industry that facilitates auto sales, has also been hit hard. However, GAC Huili still wins the trust of consumers and auto dealers by virtue of its user-centered service concept and many digital financial innovation initiatives. From January to May this year, the performance of GAC Finance continued to grow, with a total of 517,202 new retail and inventory contracts, a year-on-year increase of 16%; new retail contracts were 198,360, a year-on-year increase of 7%; the total balance of managed loans was 73.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16%. An increase of 29%.

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General Manager of GAC Group Feng Xingya (first from the right) visited the booth

Yu Jun (second from right), chairman of GAC-Infolio, introduces the highlights of auto financial services

Adhering to digital innovation, “e-second direct access” highlights smart finance

Faced with the development trend of the new four modernizations of the automobile industry, GAC-Infoley actively promotes digital construction in order to better serve the OEMs and assist the Group’s main sales business. The “e-second direct access” unveiled at this year’s Golden Fair is its leading practice in realizing comprehensive digital service integration, which fully demonstrates the smart financial characteristics of GAC-Finance.

The “e-second direct” financial direct connection service is jointly created by GAC-Info and GAC Trumpchi, serving the new online car purchase model of Trumpchi Smart Electric New Energy E9, realizing one-stop car booking + car purchase + loan full-process service. On the GAC Trumpchi APP, users can experience “one-stop” car purchase and loan services such as online car purchase, flexible selection of financial products, quick loan application, and electronic signing.

In addition, the service uses information technologies such as OCR automatic identification, face recognition, and in-depth data connection between manufacturers and financial institutions to effectively simplify the entry of customer loan information, realize automatic approval in seconds, electronicize the entire process, and operate mobile phones at any time, truly achieving more transparency. , convenient and efficient green digital financial experience.

Green finance drives the development of green travel and contributes to the strategic goal of “double carbon”

The green development of the auto industry is imperative, and auto finance, as an important part of the auto industry, also shoulders the important mission of helping the development of green travel. GAC Finance actively explores and deploys the field of green finance, and through continuous improvement of technological capabilities, it has deeply integrated green finance and digital finance to provide customers with more efficient and convenient smart financial services.

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At the same time, GAC Finance’s good green financial assets have also been recognized by the capital market. On March 9 this year, GAC-FALI issued the first green car loan ABS in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area—Hujuda 2023 Phase 1 Personal Auto Mortgage Loan Green Asset-Backed Securities. The assets in the pool are personal loans for GAC Aian brand new energy vehicles. According to the assessment and analysis of the green certification agency and Equator, the new energy vehicles corresponding to the assets in the pool are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60,700 tons and save 2.85 standard coal. 10,000 tons, effectively boosting the development of energy conservation and emission reduction in my country.

The automobile industry is undergoing a major change unseen in a century, and the wave of “new four modernizations” has profoundly changed the appearance of the automobile industry. In the face of new changes and new trends, as the first auto finance company in South China, GAC Finance has always insisted on actively exploring and innovating in the fields of digital finance and green finance, and deeply integrating the two to better serve the transformation and development of the group. The main business of automobile sales is to use financial power to help achieve the goal of “trillion GAC”. All the efforts and innovations of GAC Finance are based on the original intention of enabling customers to enjoy better, professional and efficient auto financial services, which has also earned it a good reputation. So far, GAC Finance has served more than 3.25 million retail customers. Not only has it been awarded the “Best Auto Finance Company” for four consecutive years from 2019 to 2022, it has also been awarded the “2022 Southern Tribute·Annual Growth Enterprise”. The high-quality development of the auto finance industry has set a reference example. In the future, GAC Finance will continue to uphold the mission of “smart financial services make life better”, gather the power of auto finance, continue to change and innovate, and strive to become an auto finance service company that is preferred by customers, trusted by partners, and proud of employees.

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