Gabon: Honor to the teacher Gabon: Honor to the teacher

Libreville, Sunday March 26, 2023 (Infos Gabon) – On the occasion of the Day dedicated to him on March 23 of each year, the Nation paid him a fine tribute through the voice of the Minister of National Education, Carmelia Ntoutoume Leclercq.

As tradition, Gabon celebrated the National Teacher’s Day on March 23.

On the occasion, the Minister of National Education, Carmelia Ntoutoume Leclercq, made a speech to magnify the central place of the latter within Gabonese society. “I would like to pay tribute to the efforts constantly made in the exercise of their noble and exalting profession. Thus making our country’s education system one of the best in Africa, judging by the results of the latest evaluation of the education systems analysis program of the Conference of Ministers of National Education of the States of La Francophonie”, she pointed out.

The member of the government recalled however that a qualified human resource cannot obtain good professional qualities without the dedication and the spirit of sacrifice of the teacher. “There would be no journalists, doctors, soldiers, inventors, politicians, in short, no qualified and quality human resources without their dedication to the task and their spirit of sacrifice. This demonstrates, if it were still needed, the crucial role of teachers in the transformation of society. Moreover, this year the theme chosen for the commemoration of this event which puts the teacher in the spotlight is: ‘the transformation of education begins with the teachers’”, indicated Carmelia Ntoutoume Leclercq.

A theme that aims to celebrate the way teachers transform education, but also to reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their talent and vocation. This recognition towards our trainers also consists in taking a retrospective look at all these missing people who participated in the emergence of the Gabonese education system. Like Martine Oulalabou, Louis Patrick Mombo, Véronique Itsiembou, Odile Maganga Mihindou and those who have asserted the right to retirement after having devoted part of their life to teaching many Gabonese compatriots. Several events marked this edition with, among others, a mass for the memory of the disappeared, a football match between the central administration and the social partners.

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