G7 foreign ministers: We will never recognize the borders that Russia is trying to impose by force – World

Mr. -7 will “never recognize” the borders that Russia seeks to impose by force with its war in Ukraine. This was stated today by the foreign ministers from the group of the seven most developed economies, AFP reported, quoted by BTA.

“We will never recognize the borders that Russia is trying to change through its military intervention“,

the first diplomats of the member states point out in a statement issued after a three-day meeting at Germany’s Weissenhaus castle. In the document, they again called on Belarus “to stop actions that facilitate Russia’s intervention and to abide by its international commitments.”

“We maintain our commitment to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Crimea (….),” They said.

“We will support the measures (…) That Ukraine will take to ensure freedom and peace in the country,” German Foreign Minister Analena Burbock, whose country is chairing the G-7 this year, told a closing news conference.

The participants in the meeting renewed their demand to Russia “to end the war started by it without provoking

(from Ukraine, AFP), and the tragic suffering and loss of life it continues to cause. “They condemned the” irresponsible threats to use chemical, biological or nuclear “weapons made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The seven most developed economies consider “accelerating efforts”,

The ministers assured that they would “expand” economic sanctions against Moscow because of its invasion of Ukraine in “sectors on which Russia is particularly dependent”, and called on China “not to undermine” measures.

They “called on China not to support Russia in its attack on Ukraine.”


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