G2 eliminated Team Liquid – FPX also eliminated

G2 Esports reaches the next round of the playoffs in ESL Pro League Season # 13 with a win over Team Liquid. FunPlus Phoenix has to give up after a defeat.

G2 Esports got off to a successful start in the ESL Pro League playoffs. The European mix team prevailed 2-1 against Team Liquid on Friday evening. FunPlus Phoenix was eliminated after a 1: 2 against FURIA Esports like the North Americans.

G2 comeback on Inferno

The series in the round of the last twelve did not start well from G2 Esports’ point of view. On their own map Dust2, the team lost the T-side 7: 8 despite a 3-0 start. Even after the break, the first three rounds went to Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač and Co., but this did not change anything at the exit. Team Liquid prevailed at 16:11.

G2 Esports determined the first minutes on Vertigo and took a 5: 2 lead, but the opponent responded with a strong phase and went into the short break with a 9: 6. On the offensive, however, the Europeans shone and forced a third map in this series with a 16:12. Nemanja ‘huNter’ Kovac had a massive part in this, with 35 kills and an average of 131.7 damage per round.

Team Liquid determined the action on Inferno in the first half. The Americans won their CT side 10-5 despite losing the pistol round. However, G2 Esports started an impressive comeback and bought their own ticket for the next playoff round with a 16:14 to 2-1. Team Liquid, however, finished the 13th EPL season in 9th to 12th place.

FURIA turns series against FPX

In the other match on Good Friday, FURIA Esports celebrated a 2-1 win over FunPlus Phoenix. The Europeans took the lead with a narrow 16:14 success on their own map Nuke, but then got big problems. The Brazilians rolled over them in the first few minutes on Vertigo and won with little effort 16: 7.

At Inferno, FunPlus Phoenix fought back after a 2: 7 opener and even reduced it to 9:10 a few minutes after the break. Then FURIA improved again noticeably and ended the series with a 16:11 to 2: 1.

Like Team Liquid, FunPlus Phoenix has therefore been eliminated from the EPL playoffs. FURIA Esports moves into the round of the last eight and meets G2 Esports there on Easter Sunday.

The second half of the first playoff round is on Saturday. At 3:30 p.m. Virtus.pro and ENCE face each other. In the evening there will be a duel between Natus Vincere and Complexity Gaming.


You can follow the ESL Pro League Season 13 live on 99Damage on Twitch:

Theater image: ESL – Adela Sznajder

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